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Rasa Yoga 33-Hr Yoga Immersion

with Greta Hill


March 30-31, April 6-7


Sat 11am-7:30pm, Sun 11am-7pm


Bala Yoga Fremont


$550 (Before Feb 28), $650 (After Feb 28)


Register Here
Email or call 425 898 4347 for more information.

The Rasa Yoga Immersion is a 33-hour deep dive into the practices of asana (sacred posture), meditation, mudra (energy seals), mantra (sound vibration), pranayama (breath), mythology, community, and more. This immersion is an in-depth study of yoga for all levels of practitioners! It is an opportunity to deepen your practice and explore important parts of yoga not commonly taught in regular public classes. You will gain a basic understanding of functional anatomy and alignment to support your asana practice, a deeper appreciation of the philosophical roots of yoga, introductory mantras and mudras for mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, an understanding of the chakras and your subtle body and a connection to Bala Yoga’s vibrant community and the Rasa Yoga global family!

This immersion is perfect for you if:

    • You are curious about what yoga offers beyond the poses
    • You want to deepen your practice
    • You want to learn cutting edge alignment + biomechanics in asana
    • You want to start practicing pranayama and meditation
    • You want to incorporate some mantras and mudras in your daily practice
    • You are curious about the philosophy of yoga and how it can help you in everyday life
    • You are interested in learning about the energy body
    • You are a yoga teacher and you really wish to find new inspiration for your practice and teaching
    • You are thinking about joining the Rasa Yoga 200hr Teacher Training but want a sample now!
    • You crave community and want to meet some other like minded yogis!

What will I learn during the Immersion?
The Immersion is divided into 2 modules the curriculum covers (but is not limited to):

    • Sankalpa – This is your intention and heart fire desire! Connect to the deep longing in your heart and motivation for your practice.
    • Philosophy – History of Yoga + Overview of the 8 Limbs of Patanjali’s Classical Yoga. Introduction to the life affirming philosophy of Tantra + how it relates to your everyday life.
    • Asana – Deepen your poses with the Rasa Yoga Alignment Triad for optimal strength and opening. Explore patterns of movement and how to free up stuck places through Connection, Pulsation, and Integration.
    • Mythology & Deities – Learn about the deities and stories that serve as a source of inspiration and empowerment for modern day life.
    • Mantra & Mudras – Discover these lesser known practices that will help you open your voice, focus your mind, connect to your heart, and enhance your physical, mental and spiritual well being!
    • Pranayama – Learn breathing techniques to harness, enhance, and ground your energy while revitalizing your entire system.
    • Meditation – Jumpstart a regular meditation practice through basic technique and practice.
    • Energy/Subtle body – introduction to the chakras, elements and prana.

Upcoming Dates

  • Fremont: March 30 + 31, April 6+7

Immersion Schedule

  • Saturday 11am-7:30pm
  • Sunday 11am-7:30pm

What are the prerequisites to attend the immersion?
The only requirement is a deep longing and a sincere interest in the practices, plus a willingness to dedicate yourself to being fully present for both weekends.

Final words:
Immersions are an incredible opportunity to deepen your studies and advance your practice while learning what the whole of yoga truly is and what it can offer to your life. This is not a teacher training, but it provides a great foundation for anyone considering a teacher training in the near future. This immersion will also greatly inspire those who already teach, but who want new perspective and fresh insights for their practice and teaching.

Students enrolled in one of our Rasa Yoga 300-Hour Teacher Training Modules may purchase the immersion for a special price of $333. This course will provide 33 hours of continuing education credits for Yoga Alliance as well as your 1008-Hour Certification with the Rasa Yoga School.
For questions or registration, please contact:

What is Rasa Yoga?
Rasa Yoga is a revolutionary style of yoga that fuses creative vinyasa flow, sacred alignment, myth, mantra, mudra, tantra, meditation, and earth guardianship. Inspired by a deep desire to grow, Rasa Yoga is modern day yoga infused with technique, spirit and sacred intention.

About Greta:

Greta has been teaching yoga internationally for nearly 20 years.

She is a sincere student and deep practitioner of yoga. Greta has mentored with some of the top names in the yoga and Ayurveda world and received certification in both Anusara and Vinyasa since she started teaching in 2000. She taught yoga extensively in Los Angeles, Bangkok, Brazil and New York before moving to Seattle.
Serving as the Co-Director and a lead teacher for Rasa Yoga, Greta facilitates Rasa Yoga Teacher Trainings, retreats, and online yoga lifestyle courses around the world. She has served as a consultant for a variety of wellness magazines including Yoga Journal, and continues to work closely with Sianna Sherman who is her greatest yoga inspiration. Greta’s teaching is a heart centered, empowering fusion of form and flow and she is wildly devoted to helping students reclaim their beauty, awaken deep purpose, and cultivate vibrant health through yoga and Ayurvedic lifestyle. Learn more at

**All enrollments are non-refundable and non-transferable. We are not able to make exceptions to this policy.

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