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Bala 108 Winter Solstice

with Adam Hawes


Dec 21, 2019


12:30 PM - 2 PM


Bala Yoga Kirkland


Drop-In Rate (Class Cards + Infinity Memberships Apply)


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Inhale, Exhale… and Salute The Sun! We look towards the coming Winter Solstice as we once again return to our mats to celebrate and practice the 108 – yes, 108! – sun salutations that is the Bala 108. Honoring the shortest day and longest night of the year, we will together sweat, count, and flow through both meditative and empowering Sun A and Sun B repetitions, helping us all to shine brightly through the long winter months. A truly moving and exhilarating experience, that you will never forget. Inhale, exhale… and repeat. See you there!

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