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Self Love

February 28 2018

To close out the month of love we are taking a focus on the concept of self-love. This term gets tossed around a lot, but it can be difficult to tackle for yourself. Today, we break down five ways to bring more self-love into into the next month and throughout the rest of the year.


Keep your body moving throughout the week with whatever your system is needing. Sign up for a class at the studio, take a long walk, go to the gym; just make sure it is done lovingly. Move your body because you love yourself, not because you want to become someone else. Moving your body will make you feel better both physically and mentally.


Through our own yoga practices, we have learned the benefits and importance of breath. However, once we leave the studio, we tend to forget that important lesson. Take a step back during your day to slow down your breath. Being more mindful can bring about more awareness within yourself and can provide a healthy break from daily stress. Even if you don’t have time for a complete practice, take even just five minutes to sit and breathe. To start, try breathing along with this animation. 


Try to set aside time for yourself with a decadent bath or shower. If you have a tub, set yourself up with some epsom salts, essential oils, bath bombs, bubble bath or any other details that you desire. Relax and let your thoughts float away while you embrace this time of solitude. Try Dr Singha’s Mustard Bath if you are really looking to detoxify and destress. If you are working with a shower, try tying some fresh eucalyptus branches to your shower head to create some aromatic steam. 


Try and eat as nutritious as possible. Eating plenty fruits and vegetables will not only make you feel better about yourself, but your body will function more smoothly and treat you better. These small changes can spread into the rest of your life! Try starting simple with breakfast; chia seed pudding provides a boost of plant based energy and it’s easy to add in fruits and vegetables. Strawberries and blueberries make for a classic combo, but try adding some spirulina into your chia mix for a green kick. Or, try using a green juice to hydrate your chia seeds or oatmeal and pair it with pineapple chunks for a tropical option. Eating well can lead to other benefits like weight loss, decreased risk of disease, and improved immune systems, which are factors that can add unnecessary stress to life. Not that any of these need to be your focus, but when you eat better you will FEEL better, which is critical when learning to love yourself.


Try to take time to journal. Don’t worry about a specific idea or format, just write what comes naturally; write down your dreams, a new intention for the day, where your thoughts are going – the options are endless. Take time to also think about your own goals for self love; journaling can help you meet those and assist you through a time of healing and growth. Through journaling you can become more mindful in both your thoughts and actions and in turn create a space for more kindness towards yourself.

None of these changes can be made overnight. However, even taking on a smalls step each day can lead to improved overall wellbeing and space for more love for yourself.

Self Love Illustration via Broken Isn’t Bad
Breath GIF via Work Over Easy

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