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10 Ways to Ground Yourself (And What That Even Means)

October 29 2019

How to Ground, Grounding Techniques

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We have all heard the word before, but what does Grounding actually mean? 

Grounding is a practice of energetically connecting to yourself, your values, and your vision. Grounding at its root is a practice of energetically connecting to the earth, like a plant growing from a stable and nourishing plot of land. When you are grounded it allows you to be present, organize your thoughts, and grow in a way that is in alignment with your vision. When you are ungrounded you may feel frantic, stressed, in chaos, easily distracted, powerless, spacey, and unconnected to your body and life. Being ungrounded can make you feel out of control and trigger anxiety because you become easily influenced by other people and your environment. We all have those frantic days where there doesn’t seem to be enough hours, or where we are overwhelmed, people pleasing, trying to meet others’ expectations, feeling scatterbrained, or lost. These are the times when it’s really important to re-ground, bring your energy back to you, refill your cup, and realign with what is important to you. When you are grounded, you become your own energy source, drawing on a strong foundational relationship within yourself. Grounding allows your body to access your talents, your power, and nourish your visions and goals to create the best life for you.

Ways to Ground

Find a hobby or activity you love

Finding a hobby that you love is crucial to grounding because it guarantees you will set aside time to do something for you that fills you with joy. Anything counts, whether that hobby is yoga, drawing, playing a sport, going to the gym, or calligraphy. So often we have our long to-do lists, work, and other responsibilities and we forget to give ourselves the time to do something we enjoy outside of responsibility. 

Get outside regardless of weather (dress for it)

The more time we spend in nature, the more we remember we are nature. Getting outside to breathe fresh air is a great and easy way to ground and reconnect with yourself and your surroundings. It’s so easy to make excuses about not wanting to go outside due to weather conditions, but at the end of the day they are exactly that, excuses. Going outside to walk, hike, have a picnic, or to simply sit and breathe will help you get more perspective on everything else going on in life. Join our Bala Family Hiking Group  if you need some motivation & friendly faces. Find some cozy clothes, dress for the weather and try to spend at least 10 minutes outside each day. 

Breath work; breathe yourself into your body

My favorite breathing exercise for grounding and centering is Breathing with a pause. Find a tall seat, and slowly inhale through your nose for 4-6 seconds. At the top of your breath hold for 4 seconds, then exhale through your nose for 4-6 seconds, holding at the bottom. It’s interesting and ironic because our breathe is considered our life force (prana) yet it’s the moments between our breathes that brings us fully back to our senses and that reconnect us with ourselves. Naturally when you hold between your breathes your body’s nervous system will calm and you become fully aware and present within your body.

Move your body to help release anxious energy and because it feels good.

We are energetic beings at our core, and when that energy gets pent up it can lead to anxiety, restlessness, and even over exhaustion. With movement we are able to move through any stagnant or stuck energy reconnecting to our bodies and making it easier to ground ourselves. Moving through energy can look like Yoga (check out our class schedule), dancing around your apartment, running, or simply taking a walk. When you decided to move your body intentionally and organically that is the quickest route to ground within yourself. When you go to start your movement for the day, tell yourself, “I am doing this for me, I am releasing pent up energy to make more room to ground within myself.” 

Eat seasonally 

Eating seasonally will help you stay aligned with the ebbs and flows of the seasons around you which keeps you more connected to the food you are eating, and is very grounding. To learn more about seasonal eating in Seattle, check out our blog post here

Create a morning routine

Oh the difference a good and consistent morning routine can make on your life. Starting your day with a routine that is intentional will set the tone for the entire day. It doesn’t need to be long, even a 5 minute routine of breathing when you wake up before looking at your phone is a great way to find grounding.

Journal to start your days intentionally 

Morning journaling is a pillar point for most effective morning routines and one of the most useful tips we have found for grounding and living intentionally. When you wake up, before consuming anything from a phone, tv, or computer, sit down and start to journal. Journaling is a great way to organize thoughts and get a better understanding of where you are in that moment, and what you want, so that you can align accordingly and truly ground. You might even try setting your alarm 5 to 10 minutes earlier to give yourself the time to do this. That being said, journaling at any time of day is a great way to ground. 


Meditating is the act of becoming so present that you can be an observer of your thoughts and maybe eventually release any thoughts. A good meditation you can do on your own is the 5 step meditation which is one specifically for grounding. List in your head 5 things you can see, 4 things you can feel, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell, and 1 thing you can taste. This meditation will create presence and grounding when you need it. For more guidance on beginning your own meditation practice, check out our upcoming meditation series here.  

Declutter your space and fill it with the things that bring value to you and make you happy.

Decluttering your space is similar to decluttering your mind of things you need to let go of. Ask yourself “does this bring me joy?” and if it doesn’t, let it go. It is hard to become grounded in an over cluttered area mentally and physically. 


Getting a good night’s sleep is important for grounding as well. Check out our blog post here to learn more about how to optimize your sleep.


Written By: Alex Callahan (@alexcallahan4)


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