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B Yogi: Getting to Know Greta Hill

June 8 2017

200Hr Rasa Yoga Teacher Training Seattle Greta HillIntroducing Greta Hill, Bala Yoga instructor, and the woman leading our Seattle 200hr teacher training this fall…

How does one begin to describe Greta Hill? Fountain of knowledge? Exceptional goddess being? The myriad of skills, heart, and wisdom she possesses are not easily captured with the english language. Rather than sum her up, we make it a point to take her class frequently. When Greta steps into the seat of teacher, every student in the room leaves touched in some way. You cannot walk away from Greta’s teachings without feeling inspired.

Which is why when Greta came to us with the Rasa Yoga 200hr Teacher Training, we jumped at the opportunity. The chance to bring her wisdom to our community in a bigger way is an honor. We have no question that the training will be life changing for each participant, and we are excited to see how the teachings ripple through to the extended Bala Yoga community.

If you’ve been wondering about this 200hr, check out the carefully crafted description on our website, and read on to get to know the woman behind it. Even better yet, come take Greta’s class, talk to her after, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

200Hr Rasa Yoga Teacher Training Seattle Greta Hill
Name: Greta Hill
Seattle Neighborhood: West Seattle, Junction
Years Teaching Yoga: Practicing 21 years, Teaching 17
Other Trainings or Services You Offer: I offer 200 + 300 hr Rasa Yoga Teacher Trainings, Ayurvedic lifestyle + Health coaching, seasonal detoxes, monthly moon circles for women, and Desire Map workshops.
Zodiac Sign: I am a Taurus sun with Pisces Moon and Cancer rising.
200Hr Rasa Yoga Teacher Training Seattle Greta Hill
Why yoga? I dove deeply into yoga when I was still in my teenage years as a way to heal my heart after suffering a great loss. It was the only thing that made me feel better. I have pretty much had a daily practice ever since then and it is truly my life savor! Yoga opens my heart and body, gives me a creative outlet to express myself when I am not feeling great and heal myself when I am shut down. It connects me to Source and to my essence. Yoga makes me feel more alive, more radiant, and allows me to show up more fully to live a vibrant life each day

What does your morning routine look like? My morning routine includes my Ayurvedic habits (I’ll spare you the details!), green juice + coffee (not together), pulling an Angel or Tarot card, meditation, moving my body, walking the dogs, planning my classes for the day, and making a massive green smoothie. It is pretty much the only thing I have had for breakfast for the past 6 years. On the days I am not teaching in the morning, I will practice by 10 or 11am. I don’t like to practice too early! I am a late morning or late afternoon practitioner.

What are you currently working on in your personal practice? What am I working on in my practice?  Well, it changes. I decided to quit “chasing” poses a long time ago…But I am always working on finding more grace and ease even within the difficult or challenging asanas. Fluidity in transition… I am always exploring deep backbends, inversion variations, and interesting ways to maintain my strength and flexibility. I have a few key poses I always include in my practice to keep myself open and ready for challenging variations! My key poses are Hanumanasana, Pincha Mayurasana, Handstand, Urdhva Dhanurasana, and Padmasana (Lotus). Those pretty much keep me open and strong for anything else that comes up!

What keeps you inspired and where do you look for inspiration? That’s easy – my teachers. I study a LOT! I am an avid student of yoga and of life! I travel every chance I get to study with my teachers who are some of the most inspirational and renowned yogis in the world. I invest most of my free time and money into my yoga education which I have no doubt is a lifelong pursuit! I read everything I can get my hands on that is about yoga, philosophy, personal growth, wellness… I am inspired by poetry, astrology, shamanism, earth wisdom, the moon, the sea, mythology, functional anatomy, Jungian psychology, Shadow Work, nature, travel… you name it!

200HR Rasa Yoga Teacher Training Seattle Greta Hill

What do you do to unwind? Hmmm…Is it cliche if I say ‘yoga’? 🙂  I love to take long leisurely strolls with my two Whippets, sit on a bench overlooking the ocean and watch the water, enjoy a glass of wine with nice music and juicy conversation with my love, inspirational reading, bubble baths, naps when I can squeeze them in…

If you had to eat your last meal on earth, what would it be? Hard choice between Italian – probably garlic bread, gnocchi with pesto, and tiramisu or Mexican – chips and guacamole.  Do chips count as a meal?

If someone was entirely new to Seattle, what three experiences or places would you point them to? Well I still kind of consider myself a newcomer – I moved here last year!  Definitely a summer concert at Marymore park (I saw the Lumineers there last year and it was amazing).  Maybe a ferry ride across the Sound to Bainbridge Island for the view and the  best fish & chips I have ever found! And wine tasting on a beautiful day in Woodinville….

200Hr Rasa Yoga Teacher Training Seattle Greta Hill

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