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B Yogi: Jerica Kurfis

April 10 2019

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Have you brought your little yogi’s to Bala Yoga Kirkland’s Kid’s Yoga class, yet? If you have, you’re already familiar with the warm and nurturing nature of our Kid’s yoga teacher, Jerica Kurfis. Jerica is not just a yoga teacher, but a mom of two children and a Birth/Postpartum Doula with a heart of gold and a passion for teaching children. Read on to discover the incredible gifts the practice of yoga can offer your children and to learn more about this Yogi Mama! 

bala yoga kid's yoga doula family yoga

Name: Jerica Kurfis
Neighborhood: Kirkland
Years you’ve been teaching yoga: 8
Other services you offer:

  • Kids yoga in all forms ( camp , schools, birthday parties , bbq, special events, etc. )
  • Birth & postpartum doula
  • Nannying
  • Adult yoga focusing on yin , restorative & Iyengar

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Can you tell us how you came to this practice and why it stuck?
I was first introduced to yoga when I was a child. My Mother & I would practice at home to DVDs. Many years later around the birth of my first child I was feeling lost & alone. It was then I rediscovered my love & passion for yoga. I felt free, powerful & unstoppable anytime I practiced. My steady yoga practice renewed my soul & truly changed my life for the better.

Why Kid’s yoga? What do you love about teaching children?
I have always loved working with children & their families.

When I first started teaching kids yoga I was a preschool / pre-k teacher. I quickly discovered doing yoga with my class made such a positive change in not only their lives but mine. Children with sensory disorders where overcoming challenges left and right. The children in my class became kinder, more compassionate & overall very mindful. The benefits to kids yoga are limitless. Once other teachers saw the positive impact yoga had on my students they began having me teach yoga in their classrooms too. It was then I decided to fully immerse myself into the world of adult & kids yoga. I left my job as a school teacher (taking a huge leap of faith) & began taking all the yoga trainings I could get my hands on. I became 200hr yoga alliance certified & was one of the first kids yoga teachers in the nation to complete their 95hr yoga alliance certification for children.

Here’s just a few of the Benefits of kids yoga:

  • Enhanced flexibility, strength & concentration 
  • Body awareness
  • Boosts self esteem & confidence 
  • Coordination & balance
  • Relaxation & calming techniques
  • Manage stress 
  • Feel part of a fun healthy non competitive group 

What is one piece of advice you have to offer for other adults when dealing with kids? What secret weapons have you found that work really well and/or are really important?
It’s crucial to meet each child where they are at, in THAT moment. We must listen & really hear what our kids have to say. Redirection is your friend. When facing a hard situation try a gentle re-direct. Having a child re focus their attention can often stop undesirable behaviors in there tracks. Children look to us, the adults in their life as examples & role models. The better we take care of ourselves the better we can care for the children in our lives.

bala yoga kid's yoga

What has motherhood taught you?
Motherhood has taught me many things. It’s taught me to go with the flow & not be so rigid. That there’s many different ways to do the same thing. I’ve learned to be selfless and to also carve out the time needed to fill my own cup. I’ve learned to love in a way that seemed unimaginable before kids.

What does your morning routine look like?
I wake up before my two children (Aiden 8 & Evelyn 2.5) I drink a few large cups of water. Next is mediation & moving my body with some quick yoga play + flow. The mornings I’m not exhausted I try to make the 6:15 am Bala Yoga class. Then it’s coffee + a small bite to eat & finish getting ready. I check my to-do list & calendar for that day. By then my kids are awake or needing to be summoned. They get ready to go & we are out the door by 9am. Some mornings I nanny other people’s children. On the weekends we are more “go with the flow” unless something is planned.

What are 3 things you re most grateful for right now?
– The ability to do the work that I love.
– Support & love from my family, friends & the Bala community.
– My basic needs plus much more are met daily.
I’m grateful for this life & all the struggles because I’m exactly where I need to be.

What is one habit, ritual or activity that you can’t skip in your day?
I can’t skip going outdoors or moving my body. I need both to thrive daily.
Coffee is a very close second though, I love going to Mercury coffee & Urban Coffee Lounge.

Where can we expect to find you on a typical day off? What are you doing and who are you with?
On a typical day off you can find me adventuring or doing errands & cleaning  house. I love to hike, sight see, travel, explore, & be outside. My daughter & I love hitting the beach, parks & playgrounds.
I love eating all the food, I’m a huge foodie. I love eating out & trying new places. I’m getting better & better at cooking too. Most of my time is spent with my children, husband, our yellow lab and few close friends.

Bala Yoga Family Yoga doula nanny kid's yoga

What would you like everyone to know about your upcoming Mother’s Day Family Yoga Event happening on Mother’s Day at Bala Yoga Kirkland?
This event is going to be A LOT of fun!
It’s Sunday 5/12 from 1-2:30pm in Kirkland. This year we get use of the main studio, so there will be plenty of room to play & celebrate the Moms in your life. We have an hour of family yoga planned with treats & bites to enjoy after. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach me 🙂 this is an event you won’t want to miss!

Learn more about our Mother’s Day Yoga Event Here! You can also celebrate the Moms in your life at Bala Yoga Sammamish with Audrey Sutton’s Mother’s Day Weekend Sipping on Yin + Juice

You can find Jerica teaching our Kid’s Yoga class at Bala Yoga Kirkland on Sunday’s at 11AM. It’s never too early to to join the Bala Yoga Community!

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