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Bala Barre: 5 Strengthening Moves You Can do at Home

June 27 2019


Bala Barre strengthening workout you can do at home ballet barre

Do you love Bala Barre? Are you looking to supplement your yoga practice with some sculpting and strengthening exercises? We have the Bala Barre moves for you. Below, Barre instructor Ashley Zimmerman will guide you through 5 simple and effective exercises you can do at home. Read on to get started with your summer sweat!

Whole Body Workout

Bala Barre Strengthening exercises you can do at home

1. For crunches take a block between your elbows & knees, apply gentle pressure to keep it in place. Press your belly button down into your mat while lifting your shoulders up and away. Flex your feet and move through a bicycle action reaching one arm over head and the opposite leg long 45 degrees off the mat. Move through this alternating right and left. Repeat 40 times. 

Bala Barre strengthening moves you can do at home

2. To love on those obliques, take a modified side plank with your right foot in front of the left. Place your left elbow on the ground for support, while lifting up your hips, engage the midline of your body. Be mindful that your bellybutton is hugging towards your spine. Reach your right arm high towards the ceiling (with or w/o weights) & then glide it towards the open space between your torso & the floor. Repeat this opening and closing action while breathing generously throughout the experience. 

bala barre strengthening exercises you can do at home

Be sure to repeat 30-40 times on both sides! 

bala barre strengthening exercises you can do at home

3. Set up for clam shells by laying on your left side. Stack your knees and ground through your left elbow for stabilization. Remain lifted through your torso and hover your feet 4-5 inches off the mat. Slowly open & close your knees, resisting on the way back in. As you do so be sure to be mindful of your breathing, alignment & energy while working the psoas & glut muscles.

bala barre strengthening moves you can do at home

Move through 50 reps on both the left and right side. 

bala barre strengthening moves you can do at home

4. Come to a table top position with your shoulders over your wrists (gently bend at your elbows, so you’re not hyperextending). Reach your right arm over head & left leg back. Slowly tap your elbow to your knee and re-extend for 30 reps on both sides. As you move through, be sure to breathe while engaging your core & move through these shapes with confidence.

bala barre strengthening exercises you can do at home

bala barre strengthening exercises you can do at home

5. Set a timer for 1-2 min. Create a chair shape with your body by pressing your back body against the wall for added stability. Keep your feet planted at hip width distance apart and stack your knees directly over your heels. For an added challenge life your heels off the ground. Zip up through the midline of your body, hugging your belly towards your spine. If you want to add bicep curls here for more intensity, feel free to add weights. 

bala barre strengthening moves you can do at home

Many thanks to Ashley for guiding us through this killer at home workout. Now you can do Bala Barre anytime. Happy exercising, Bala yogis! 

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