Cancelation Request

At Bala Yoga, we understand that circumstances may change, and members may need to cancel their yoga membership. To ensure the cancellation process is clear and effective, we have established the following policy:

Cancellation Procedure:

  1. In-Studio Cancellation: To initiate the cancellation process, members are required to come to the Studio in person and sign a cancellation form. This policy is in place to ensure the cancellation request is confirmed and properly processed. We are unable to accept cancellation requests via phone, email, or any other electronic means.
  2. Cancellation Form: The cancellation form will be provided by the Studio staff upon request. It must be filled out accurately and completely, including the member’s full name, membership details, and signature. Only the member named on the membership may request the cancellation.

Cancellation Deadlines:

  1. Notice Period: Members are required to provide a minimum notice period of 30 days before the desired cancellation date. This allows us to process the cancellation and update our records accordingly.
  2. Effective Date: The cancellation will become effective on the last day of the notice period specified by the member. Membership fees will be charged until this date.