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Chip Away Inconsistency!

May 29 2012

With summer quickly approaching, it’s easy to let your yoga practice fall away as summer activities beginning to arise.  This summer, why not challenge yourself with a month or more of regular yoga practice.  This may seem intimidating, but let me enlighten you with the worthiness of such an endeavor!

First off, it will help you create a habitual, sustainable yoga practice.  You must practice yoga consistently in order to know the positive effects that it inevitably offers.  The hard work becomes worth it once the benefits become apparent.  Mental clarity, focus, regular digestion, flexibility and a strong, fit body to name a few.  With so many activities swarming each and every day of your life, a consistency will allow you to remain balanced and grounded throughout your days.  It will inspire those other activities to be regulated and efficient.

“Yoga is the best way to begin a day.  It’s getting in touch with my body and soul, finding inspiration and finding peace.” Martina Cufar

These habits will carry over into other aspects of your life.  Being consistent in yoga will inspire consistency in running, reading, working, etc.  The focus yoga brings to your mind and body will allow the rest of your day to unfold in balance with your mind and your body, no matter what strange journeys life takes you on.

You will gain respect for your body and what it will allow you to accomplish.  Those poses that seem deadly in the moment are defeated by your strengthening body. Your mind progressively becomes stronger and stronger as you gain a mindset that will get you through those tough moments of your practice.  It poses as an opportunity to challenge yourself.  When you conquer those challenge, you can confidently check that off your list as you constantly prove to yourself that you can always be better.

The joyful disposition of a regular practice will remain consistent as you face your concerns on the mat.  Your attitude will become more regulated.  This will give you the opportunity to efficiently control any uprising imbalances in your life.  Your smile will begin to appear more often than before as your body thanks you for your hard work as a yogi.

Think of this challenge as a chance to discover whether or not everyday yoga is an activity your body and mind responds positively to.

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