There is something for everyone at Bala. We’re sure of it, and work hard to bring a wide variety of classes, approaches and instructors to both of our Seattle-area studios. Whether you’re brand new to yoga or an advanced practitioner, whether you’re seeking relaxation or toning and strengthening, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our spacious studios, morning, noon and night. Check out our Class Schedule and Class Descriptions below for more detailed information.

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Class Descriptions

While all levels are welcome in any of our classes, it’s always helpful to have some information on how our classes differ from one another, and what you’ll likely encounter in each one. In addition to trying out new classes, each instructor brings something fresh and unique to the studio, so be sure to experience a range of instructor’s styles as well.
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* All Levels classes will offer the most advanced variations, students of “all levels” are welcome to take class at their own pace. Our vinyasa or “flow” classes seamlessly link breath and movement while building balance, strength, and flexibility. Students will find this practice of flowing from one dynamic pose to another both energizing and grounding. All levels welcome.

Power Vinyasa - All Levels

In Level 1 Yoga, we take a bit more time in the beginning to set the foundation for proper alignment within the poses, good form and technique and possible modifications. Then we work our way into a balanced, well-rounded and invigorating vinyasa flow class. A level 1 will move slower than an all levels class but won’t necessarily be “easier,” All levels welcome.

Power Vinyasa - Level 1

Yin yoga calls for practitioners to stay relaxed in a pose for several minutes. It is gentle enough for students of all levels and gives them a chance to focus on the oft-overlooked, deep connective tissue that comprise the Yin parts of the body. Yin Yoga stretches the deep tissue that tightens when one overworks, stresses, or ages. Presence, breath, relieving tension, and mindfulness are all part of the class.

Yin Yoga

Having a new baby can be hard on the body as well as tiring, and yoga can help. But many moms can’t or don’t want to leave their babies for a couple of hours to go to yoga. Our Mommy/Baby yoga class is perfect for the needs of new moms. This class is open to Mothers & Babies that are newborn to sitting (no crawlers, please!). We’ll focus on gentle strengthening (especially the core), stretching (to relieve the tightness that can build up as you care for baby), and relaxation, to help meet mom’s needs. You’re welcome to bring your baby along and care for baby as needed during class. A huge bonus of this class is that you get to meet other moms with babies your age – a supportive social network is absolutely crucial to a mother’s health! Be sure to ask about our prenatal + postnatal membership options!

Mommy & Me

This one is for the Mamas! Our prenatal practice offers a gentle vinyasa flow designed to keep women safe through all stages of pregnancy. Expect yoga postures that relieve common aches and pains along with postures and mindfulness exercises to provide strength during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum healing. Use this class to prepare your body for the miracle of birth, all while deepening your relationship with yourself + baby surrounded by a supportive community. Be sure to ask about our prenatal + postnatal membership options!


These strong classes will blend traditional yoga, calisthenics, and circuit training to create a fun and challenging workout. Dynamic strength + yoga training all in one. This is about building support for our practice and the rest of our movement career. You will move with more control, more awareness and hopefully will have some new tricks to practice at home. Open to all levels, this practice is inclusive and will offer modifications to meet you where you’re at.

Bala Strong

Are you ready to experience your body in a new and insightful way? This challenging flow will slow things down, so that you can truly feel into the nuances of your practice. Expect long holds and mindful transitions woven within a vinyasa flow. This class provides an opportunity to refine your alignment and call upon new areas of engagement within each and every pose, transition, and breath. Move with more awareness on your mat, and build true integrity and strength within your practice.

LSD: Long, Slow, and Deep

Calling upon the therapeutic elements of Myofascial Release, restorative yoga, and slow flow, this class will combine the elements of these practices to release tension and free up movement.  We will activate, stretch, pin and move the affected muscle tissue, helping us learn to listen more closely to our bodies. Learning to move with confidence instills joy to our yoga practice and allows deeper access to heart and soul. The real reason we love to move.

Yoga Therapeutics

Bala Yoga is excited to offer curated barre movement classes now at the Fremont studio. Designed to compliment your yoga practice, each class is forty five minutes of dance technique combined with a fusion of pilates, physical therapy, & wellness practices.
Forty five minutes to focus on you.
Forty five minutes to lengthen, tone and sculpt.
Forty five minutes to reshape your soul.
No mirrors, no heat, just great music.
Come dance it out.

Bala Barre