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September 2 2010

September 24 · 5:30pm – 8:00pm

As the summer comes to a close and the autumn begins, we can begin to manifest our desires for the coming season.  Fall can sometimes feel like a time to move inward, to close off, to dig oneself in.  We’d like to give you the opportunity to move away from those feelings and transition through the change in weather with a true sense of community and friendship.

As we here at Bala begin to manifest our desire for a beautiful Seattle style Indian summer, we ask that you come help us set our intentions for a few more weeks of sunshine, bring a friend into our positive and growing community, and enjoy some live music and fresh food in the company of our beautiful teachers and students.

Join Bala Yoga instructors, students and community members in Bala’s first yoga mala! Inspired by Shiva Rea, yogis create a mala of collective practice based upon the sacred number 108 in honor of the UN International Peace day and the Fall Equinox. Sun Salutations will be practiced in 4 rounds of 27, participants can join or stop at any time.

Challenge your practice in this powerful journey for peace! Minimum donation is $10, profits go to Eastside Domestic Violence Program, for their efforts for peace in our homes and community. Please preregister at Bala Yoga.

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