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Bala Yoga
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Conscious Connected Yoga and Breathwork

with Andrew Ragan and Marissa Grasmick


Saturday, June 17




Bala Yoga Kirkland




Email or call 425 898 4347 for more information.

Join integrated Breathwork coach, Andrew Ragan ( and Somatic Therapist, Marissa Grasmick ( for 2-hours of soul connecting, heart opening yoga and guided breathwork facilitation. This expansive workshop will include a yoga practice to create spaciousness in the diaphragm, lungs, and heart followed by a 60-minute conscious connected breathwork practice. Conscious Connected Breathwork allows the opportunity for the body to integrate tension, trauma, fear, suppression, etc. held in the physical body’s cellular and emotional memory. This integration creates the space for freedom from physical and emotional issues, self acceptance, profound relaxation, a greater sense of self and breath awareness — all within a safe, private, loving environment. No experience necessary. Please dress as if you were going to a yoga class.

Andrew and Marissa are both yoga practitioners/teachers, Andrew is a strength coach and integrative breathwork coach, and Marissa is a psychedelic and somatic therapist.

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