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Gong Sound Immersion

with Roger Tjoelker


May 22, 2021




Bala Yoga Kirkland


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Experience the therapeutic vibration of gong sound energy that your body, mind, and spirit will really appreciate! It can open pathways to relax, quiet your mind, balance energy, meditate, release emotional tension, have a spiritual experience, feel better, become more conscious, or just fall asleep. Simply lie back and let the transformative sound of the gongs meet you where you are and take you where you need to go! Take some time for self-care with this unique opportunity to bring more harmony, energy, and well-being into your life.

We’ll begin with a short introduction to the session, followed by 60 minutes of sound immersion, and end with a few minutes of silence to integrate your experience. Please bring whatever you need to be comfortable (mat, blanket, pillow, etc.) for lying or sitting on the floor.


Roger Tjoelker, founder of Transformative Sound LLC, is a certified gong player based in Seattle. He performs at various events and venues throughout the region. The first time he heard the gong, he instantly knew that he had to learn to play and bring this amazing experience to as many people as possible. He uses several gongs and a variety of mallets to provide a full spectrum of transformative sound energy.

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