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High Vibrations a Cannabis and Yoga Workshop (Kirkland)

with Brian Charlton


April 7, 2018


1 PM - 4 PM


Bala Yoga Kirkland


$40 (Before March 15), $50 (After March 15)


Register Here
Email info@balayoga.com or call 425 898 4347 for more information.

Come learn about the wellness benefits of Cannabis and ways in which it can enhance your practice. We’ll start the workshop with a presentation from Hashtag’s representative Marielle Saums to study the different forms of Cannabis, its various compounds, and how they affect the brain & body. Following, Bala Instructor Brian Charlton will lead you through a gentle 90 minute exploration of the body through slow flow and passive restorative yoga postures (with loving hands on adjustments, of course).  All set to a live DJ session with Seattle’s own Yogi DJ, Jordan Goff.  A delicious combination designed to take advantage of your enhanced state and safely invite you deeper into your body through several healing modalities.

There will be a short 10 minute intermission between the presentation and practice. You are encouraged to stop by Hashtag before the workshop to pick up supplies + receive guidance around the best products for our yoga and sound bath experience.

*All enrollments are non-refundable and non-transferable. We are not able to make exceptions to this policy.

About Hashtag
Hashtag is dedicated to meeting the needs of Seattle’s diverse neighborhoods as a friendly, educational source of quality recreational cannabis and related products. No medical card is needed to purchase their products. They sell legal recreational cannabis to adults. Find Hashtag at their Redmond or Fremont locations.

As a Bala Yoga Partner, Hashtag offers 10% off to Bala Yoga Infinity Members. Please see monthly email for promo code + details!

About Jordan
Music & Yoga. In Jordan Goff’s world, the two are kindred. They share the samestructure, incite similar emotions, and fill comparable voids. As a full time yoga teacher and DJ, the art of crafting a journey is imperative. But this isn’t your cliché soundtrack of airy pads and a pan flute. This is deep sinewave basslines that drag your soul to center stage, plucks that tickle your brainstem, vocals that tear at your heartstrings, and melodies that pull you down the rabbit hole. Are you ready foryour next voyage? Allow Jordan Goff to be your guide.

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