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Joint Mobility and Movement

with Manuel Oria


Sunday May 15th




Bala Yoga Fremont




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Email or call 425 898 4347 for more information.

Move All Joints Everyday!

Learn to understand human movement as it is and unleash the full potential of your joints!

All you need is a bit of curiosity, a simple set of techniques and the motivation to do it on a daily basis. And that’s why we are here for you… to give you the tools to increase your anatomical intelligence.

In this workshop we will go through a simple yet powerful routine based on rotational movements to bring attention to each joint’s range of motion and develop the skills to assess their true capacity of movement for the desired activity. Whether applied to yoga, calisthenics, dance, working out at the gym or daily movement – these techniques will help you develop the kinesthetic awareness and motor control to achieve your movement goals in an organic way. We will have an honest talk on how to mitigate injuries and build the path towards a well-rounded and sustainable movement journey.

About Manuel Oria

Beyond a yoga instructor, I consider myself a curator of movement experiences. My classes tell the story of a decade of consistent Yoga practice. I share what has been lived, what has been learned and what has been left behind (the story as it is) to my students so that they have the necessary tools to develop a healthy perspective on body movement.

Starting from my university preparation in Biology (2014) I have used yoga as a platform to continue my studies on the human body and take it directly to where it is needed: to my people!

Since 2014 I have specialized in the Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa method (ERYT-500Hour) with countless hours of study and work with the legendary David Kyle. I have also trained in Ashtanga Classic with Manju Jois, Tim Feldmann, David Williams and Richard Freeman. Beyond the world of yoga, I have trained in the Functional Range Conditioning and Oxygen Advantage systems (2020).

Since 2017, I have trained hundreds of teachers in the arts of Ashtanga and Rocket Vinyasa. You can meet me by visiting me at Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico, where I offer classes daily or internationally under the Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga school.

On and off the yoga mat, pure vibe and always happy to share my perspective with you. I hope to be able to coincide for some of my training dives, workshops, retreats and everything in between

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