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Breathwork + Sound Healing: New Moon Yerba Mate Circle

with Mary Ann Stancel + Yerbana


Sunday June 26th




Bala Yoga Fremont




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Email or call 425 898 4347 for more information.

“Breathe out old attachments to plant intentions of aligning to your true self”

As the New moon in Gemini is approaching on May 30, it is a wonderful time to continue to plant the seeds of our intentions. How can you release attachments to old patterns that no longer serve you? What experiences are wanting to be cultivated within you? How can you better communicate your needs and listen to the needs of others in a non-judgemental way? What do you need to help you let go of the impulsive drive to respond and tap into the grounding energy of listening, reflection and intuitively being?

As you breathe you’ll release old patterns from childhood that have held you back and reprogram and reformat your nervous system. The release of emotions and energies allows you to bring balance back into your mind, body and spirit. As you feel your body buzzing with fresh new energy, you’ll send out to the ethers and universe, the seeds of intention you are wanting to plant with the new moon in gemini. A time for integration and further journeying will occur during the sound healing session to end the time together. Journaling and reflection will be included as well. Mary Ann will channel and send energy healing to each individual that joins her session and hold the container for this transformational work to occur.

About your instructor

Mary Ann Stancel is a Nurse Intuitive Energy Practitioner, who holds space for others to release the wounds of the past to present so they can find peace and healing within their heart space and being through various energy healing modalities. Her message speaks and guides others to step fully in their truth, power, heart and voice while releasing the old programming and patterns that are no longer aligned to their being. People walk away with tools to continue to use on their own journey as they build their relationship with their self, energy and intuition. She believes no one is a guru and we all can learn from each other. She holds space with integrity, honor, gratitude, love, community, compassion and welcomes all.

Mary Ann Stancel is an Usui Reiki Master, Kundalini Reiki Master, Siechim Reiki Master, Breathwork space holder, Sound Healer, Nurse, Mindfulness Facilitator, Embodiment holder, Pilates trained, PYTT 200 hr, WA State Licensed Hypnotherapist, Meditation specialist. She is known to help others quiet the noise in their mind space and feel the immense healing that they themselves cultivated within them.

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