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New Moon Mate Circle with Reiki

with Srimanju Katragadda


February 2, 2022




Bala Yoga Fremont




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Email or call 425 898 4347 for more information.

Still looking to set intention for the new year? Join us for New Moon Mate Circles with Yerbana. This special workshop begins February 2nd (6pm), and continues through the spring as we meet in Fremont every New Moon!

What is a Mate Circle? Originally an indigenous ritual to welcome guests, the mate circle is used to foster communication on a deeper level—a simple yet connective instrument to get to know people. We’ll begin each workshop with a mate circle, opening up the space for contemplation and peace. A special guest will then join us to help us learn to harness the New Moon’s boost of intention setting energy and connect with our deeper selves! 

BONUS: Everyone receives their own gourd, straw, and mate during each workshop! Can’t wait to see you February 2.

Our first guest: Author, intuitive energy channeler, and Akashic records reader Srimanju Katragadda will lead us in a 60-minute Reiki Infused, Chakra Healing Meditation.

Srimanju is an Intuitive Energy Channeler, author and Akashic Records Reader who specializes in interpreting the Soul’s journey and why we are here on the Earth. She can show you how to improve various aspects of your life through the readings, energy work and help you in connecting to your own inner guide. She helps people all over the world awaken their intuition through meditations, group courses, and private training.

She teaches Mindfulness to children at school and Wellbeing in companies.

Her first book “Connect to your inner guide- Seven Sutras to mindful awakening” is top best seller in Asia. Life is Magic it’s all about discovering it and experiencing this beautiful journey of life.

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