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Bala Yoga
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Prenatal Workshop

with Chelsey Ocean


Sunday, January 22




Bala Yoga Fremont




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Email or call 425 898 4347 for more information.

Designed for moms preparing for their birth experience and the journey into motherhood, this workshop takes the time to honor the journey and create space for mom and baby to connect. Includes a gentle practice, reflection, journaling, and connection with other expecting moms.

This workshop will also include:

  • Birth wisdoms and practice to prepare for labor and delivery
  • Yoga poses that open the pelvis for baby during child birth
  • Yoga poses to strengthen the pelvic floor prenatal and during postpartum healing
  • Meditations for expecting moms
  • Explorations of what it means to “own your birth experience”

This workshop is for pregnant moms only.

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