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Bala Yoga
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Spring Sound Bath

with Wenni Zhao


Sunday, May 19




Bala Kirkland




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Email or call 425 898 4347 for more information.

Join Wenni, a cosmic sound alchemist and Reiki master, for a sound healing journey to guide you into clarity, restoration, and alignment.

During this Sound Bath, we will harness frequencies and use them to find grounding and balance as we alchemize the past. Our sound journey is catered specifically to the cosmic themes and planetary forces aligning at this time, personally supporting every person no matter where they are in their journey. Since sound healing is an ancient healing and modality and science, there’s nothing you need to do but show up and allow the Laws of the Universe to take their course, bringing you into the wholeness and perfection that is your true nature. Sound baths are also an excellent way to bring the body into a relaxed and restful state, allowing healing and repair to occur.

Wenni will play her chakra crystal sound bowls, attuned to 432hz, to bathe your body in healing frequencies. Treat yourself to a sound bath, and make it your monthly ritual for a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical reset.

No experience necessary. Please dress comfortably, and bring any supportive items you wish, such as a blanket or pillow.

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