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Take Flight: A Two-Part Workshop

with Tate Englund


April 24 & 25, 2021




$40 per session, or $70 for both (in studio) / $30 per session, or $55 for both (online)


Register Here
Email info@balayoga.com or call 425 898 4347 for more information.

Those ‘cool’ looking inversions and arm balances you see people doing in class and on instagram don’t just magically happen overnight.

Each posture, arm balance & inversion are best learned gradually with the proper set up, the understanding of the technique required of the asana and repetition, repetition, repetition.

In this 2 part workshop you can expect to:

  • Build an understanding of what needs to be engaged, strengthened & lengthened as you work your way into these challenging postures
  • Learn the technique and build skill on your way to balancing
  • Learn that sometimes take a step back is actually taking 2 steps forward
  • Explore transitioning in and out of these asanas
  • Build integrity; no cheating or shortcuts to create a “shape”
  • Have complete practices built around the concepts of these arm balances and inversions

This workshop is for anyone who practices yoga. There are some advanced poses, but the focus of this workshop is on the actions, not the results. As always with yoga, this is a practice not a performance.

Part 1: Arm Balances (arms below the shoulders)

  • Think crow, side crow, baby crow, one-legged crow, supreme crow, the koundinyasanas, 8-angle, peacock & more

Part 2: Inversions (arms above the shoulders)

  • Think handstand, forearm balance, headstand

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