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Vitality + Healing in Challenging Times

with Danica Johnson


April 26, 2020


6 PM - 7:30 PM




$20 (Suggested Donation)


We are all moving through a difficult time right now, which is why it is especially important to strengthen, heal, and nurture our bodies, bringing ourselves into a higher vibrational state.

Join Danica for an evening of building vitality and healing during this difficult time. This 90-minute workshop will mix mindful vinyasa flow with healing Yoga Nidra to reset your body and mind. We will start with a juicy vinyasa flow incorporating twists, hip-openers, and heat-building postures. In doing so, we release stuck negative emotions and prepare the body to fully relax and recharge during the second portion of the workshop—Yoga Nidra, a beautiful guided meditation for calm, healing, and well-being. Yoga Nidra helps activate a deep relaxation response, bolsters the nervous system and endocrine system, allows cells to regenerate and repair, decreases anxiety, and increases happiness. In essence, it raises your vibration!

We hope you will join us to detox, release fear and anxiety, and increase your vitality!

We want to make this offering available to everyone that is in need therefore it is free to register. However, if it is available to you, we kindly suggest you select a donation option at check out. 

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