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Grand Opening

July 8 2010

Just a quick announcement everyone!  Bala Yoga starts classes this Friday and that is followed by our Grand Opening Saturday!

The Grand Opening will be a blast and a half…here’s the plan:

4pm kicks off yoga play in the courtyard and live piano,bass,guitar music played by Darrius Willrich , light food and drinks served by Chaco Canyon, mingling galore…and more music in the studio with the fantastic DJ beats of Jens Wazel (yogi, featured Om Culture DJ, consciousness dance teacher)

6:30pm Opening Ceremony- A wonderful circle of people oming, breathing, setting intentions, creating, giving thanks, and stoking the flame is in store.

7pm– Open the floor to groovin!

8:30ish– Take the social temperature and consider wrapping things up…or keep dancing!

This is an open house type of event, so please feel free to invite your dentist, your best friend from 1st grade and anyone you see wearing pants.

In other exciting news
– Bala Yoga is the July studio of the month at lululemon athletica Bellevue Square.  We are scheduled to teach the in-store class each Sunday this month from 9:30am-10:45am.  Eve graciously taught a fantastic class last Sunday and reported hearing much excitement from the students about the opening of Bala.  Melanie is next in the line up followed by Hasna on the 18th and Brian on the 25th.  Come on out and play!

A hearty namaste to you all!

-Bala Yoga

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