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More Limoncello

November 13 2011


First of all, I cannot stop thinking about Italy.  Last year I had the pleasure of hosting a yoga retreat in Sorrento Italy with an amazing group of people.   For a little over a week it was nothing but fresh seafood, pasta, the amalfi coast, beautiful sunsets and great yoga classes.  Joining me were 14 people on this retreat.   We had our own private villa in a little town called Schiazzano, about 20 minutes outside of downtown Sorrento.  The trip was fantastic and we all have memories to last us forever.  Good news. We are doing it AGAIN.

Since things went so well last time, I have already scheduled next years Italy Yoga Retreat.  The biggest change for the 2012 retreat is the accommodations.  This could easily be the most beautiful villa in all of Sorrento.  The location cannot be beat and the views are surreal.  Another plus is that we have more rooms and can take 20 people.  A lot of love is going into planning this retreat.  Here are some beautiful photos of the new villa.  YES.  These are real.

View from villa for 2012 Bala Yoga Sorrento Retreat


A big thanks to family friend, Vince Mottola,  who helped me find this amazing villa in Sorrento named  Villa La Terrazza.  I could not think of a better location to be.



As much as I love to cook, all group dinners will be prepared at local favorite restaurants next year.  There is always the option to stay in and cook a meal in your own kitchen with a glass of vino on the balcony.  So feel free to try your culinary skills in your cucina overlooking the ocean.  Dont want to cook?  Inn Bufalito has an amazing buffalo ragu that you have to try.





The lemons in Sorrento are an attraction.  Taste so good you will want them on everything.  I remember cooking during this last retreat with Gabriela and our friend Luigi.   With no lemons for the vongole, I stepped outside to grab some local fresh lemons from a nearby tree.  There were a few nights when I would run down to the local market to get some garlic, bread, cheese, or anything that was missing from a recipe that night.  I was usually barefoot and forgetting all my money at home.  The sweet little Italian lady who owned the shop never seemed to care.  Smiling at me and saying “Domani, domani”.  Meaning it was ok to pay her tomorrow.



Try the Limoncello.

My mother Robyn stopped by to meet our friend named Luigi.  Luigi owns a limoncello shop near the piazza tasso of Sorrento and he is pretty hilarious.  He will gladly pour you some of his homemade limoncello, let you try some candy, all while singing to you some classic Italian songs.  It is possible that he is drinking all the limoncello but we still love him.   This picture tells the whole story.  Just another reason why everything about last years retreat was perfect.  Still, somehow I managed to create an itinerary for next year that will be extraordinary.  I cannot wait to go back next year in September.  Hope you all will join me.

Have a great week!

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