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Love Wins: Your Monthly Guide to Self Love

May 3 2019

Love wins self love rituals journal prompts

Welcome to Love Wins. The first of our newest monthly blog post that will offer rituals and ceremonies designed to bring you closer to you.

Our goal: Self Love Actualized

Like all relationships, the one we have with ourself is a work in progress. This process is one of constant discovery as we learn how to navigate the fleeting trends of self-care versus the real self-work. We hope you’ll greet these rituals with an open heart and without judgement. With each month we’ll come to acknowledge our old patterns of being + thought and challenge ourselves to live from a brighter place. We know it won’t always be as easy as putting on a face mask. Let’s face it, growth takes courage. Join us on this journey and find the inspiration you might need to reconnect to you. 

The Ritual: Handwrite Yourself a Love Letter

Writing with a pen on paper can often offer an emotional release. If you journal regularly, you may already be familiar with this catharsis. This ritual will ground you into your most true self while nourishing your sense of self confidence. As you write, try to ignore your inner critic – this is the work. Let yourself be proud of all that you are. Let yourself own everything you put to paper. Aim to fill the page(s) with as much love as you would send to a dear friend and plan keep them close to your heart. 

Set the Mood

If you have the time, make an event out of this experience. Feel comfortable in your environment and settle into how you’re feeling. If you’re participating at home, light your favorite candle, make a mug of tea and get cozy on your couch. There’s no rush to write. Feel free to take a break or a breath from time to time. Remaining present is part of the process. 


Need some inspiration to get you started? Try one (or more) of these!

self love journal prompts self care

You can also participate and see what others are saying on our Instagram Story! Share your thoughts and know you’re not in this on your own. 


Now that you’ve written a love letter to yourself how do you feel? You might enjoy keeping this letter by your bed so you can read it before sleep or when you wake up in the morning. The more you revisit these thoughts the more true they will begin to feel. 

Loving yourself takes time. Let yourself be proud of the work you’ve done and will continue to do. 

See you next month, lovers. 

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