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Soft Opening

June 20 2010

Studio Doors Open

Kirkland’s swanky Juanita Village will soon be om to Bala Yoga. Shaping up to be a beautiful, soothing, sanctuary of warmth and light, Bala will offer power vinyasa yoga in the Baptiste tradition.
Mark your calendars for the grand opening on July 10th when Bala Yoga will offer a full range of classes including Express Lunch Break yoga, various levels of 90 minute sessions, and a regularly scheduled two hour introdutory series.  Fun opportunities to spice up your practice will abound with Athletic Stretch, Friday Night Flow and Relax and Renew classes.

Curious about the name? The word Bala may even be familiar to your Sanskrit discerning ears.  Bala is the root word for child’s pose or balasana, a posture that takes us all home.  The interesting twist here is that Bala also means strength.  So, as you study asana, pranayama and meditation at Bala Yoga, be prepared to shed all doubt and fear and to shine a light on your liberated inner child, your true source of strength.

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