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Transformation at 46 | Bala Yoga Teacher Training!

March 7 2013

Thank you Bala!  I feel wonderfully blessed to be a part of Les Leventhal’s teacher training this month.  I am sharing this experience with 22 amazing, diverse, and talented individuals who walked in the first day ready for the challenge of transformation.  Just as caterpillars go into their cocoons to prepare for flight, we’ve been going into the studio everyday to train.  So what happens in this cocoon?  Every morning begins with chanting, meditation, pranayama (breathing) and asanas (poses) that kick our assanas! Les is a master who has helped us gain strength, flexibility, and confidence not only on our mats, but off them as well.  Afternoons are full of intensives on nutrition, philosophy, anatomy, and quality time to discover, share, cry, get uncomfortable, grow our intuition and practice and embrace our new found selves and skills.

Soon we will be opening our cocoons, taking flight for the first time.  Our journeys will be different, but carrying each of us will be the wings that we created together…a bond that will forever remain and for this – (I can speak for us all)…we are grateful.

Thank you to all the Bala family for being so beautifully patient and encouraging this month as 23 sweaty, energetic/tired, happy/sad, crazy/peaceful trainees walk out of your studio each day….We entered this training as caterpillars, and we will be released as butterflies, ready to pass on the gifts that were so graciously given to us. Namaste – Karen Ullery

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