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Yoga Nutrition 101

November 8 2011

By: Mike Baiocchi, Clinical Nutritionist

Yoga Nutrition

This is the first of many blogs that we will be sharing on a wide variety of topics.   Starting off I would love to educate as many people in the Bala Yoga community with the knowledge I have in holistic nutrition and health.

Let me begin by saying, yoga nutrition is no different from everyday nutrition and lifestyle.  We ALL need to eat REAL foods, we all need sleep and we all need a purpose.  No matter if you are a yogi or not…

Nutrition can be simple. In many cases the answer to reversing disease is to do the opposite of what got you sick.  We need to see how far from the path we have wandered and start living a more basic life. Including eating simple and real foods, spending time with family, getting proper sleep and finding a purpose for your life.  Here is a great way to look at the foods we are eating:  Ask yourself, was it here hundreds of thousands of years ago?  Since when did we start removing the egg yoke, and taking the fat out of everything?  Did we ever stop to think that we survived hundreds of thousands of years on these very same foods?

Tip of the Week: Chew your water – Drink your food.

Chew your water and drink your food.  What does that mean?
We basically inhale our food and chug our water, we rush through our meals and try to get on with our day.  Do we not realize that food and water are what gives us life, maybe we can slow down and show some darn appreciation… jeeze!  Start drinking your water and chewing your food.  How?

  1. Chew your food until it is almost liquid.
  2. Drink water in small sips and allow the water to mix with your saliva.
By doing this, you will aid your body in the digestive process.  Making it easier to assimilate and break down foods.  You can actually lose weight just from doing these simple tricks.  Taking the time to drink your water will allow you to be better hydrated.  Try these simple health tips and check back for more soon.
In great health,


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