Come as you are.
Leave better for it.

That’s what drives what we do at Bala Yoga each and every day. Founded in 2010, Bala Yoga is proud of the light, airy studio spaces we call home, our diverse group of knowledgeable and passionate instructors, and the wide variety of classes filling our schedule each week. Bala Yoga isn’t just another fitness studio; we’re a community celebrating movement, breath and light.

Today we offer a wide range of yoga classes including power vinyasa, yin yoga, prenatal yoga, Bala Barre and kids yoga sessions. Regardless of which you select, each class will challenge and nurture, increasing strength and flexibility, encouraging breath and pause, and ultimately helping you go back out into the world more mindful and at ease than when you walked through our doors. You’ll find our studio heated to 85 degrees (not nearly as hot as hot yoga or bikram), making Bala a comfortable, welcoming place to practice yoga for beginners and advanced students alike. We look forward to greeting you at our Kirkland, Fremont or Sammamish (Now Open!) locations.

A healthier and happier you is one step closer.

The Bala Ethos


Our classes are heated to a comfortable 85 degrees, so that you leave your practice feeling energized, rejuvenated, and cleansed. This temperature is lower than you’ll find at most hot yoga or bikram studios, so that we can invite movement and make Bala welcoming for yogis of all levels.


Classes at Bala are set to an eclectic range of music playlists designed by each instructor to take you deeper. The playlists are curated to enhance your experience of the yoga practice, feeling their rhythm and energy come alive within physical embodiment.


Bala yoga is a community for all yogis. We recognize that not one style fits all, and that your needs change from day to day. To accommodate this philosophy, we’ve built a full spectrum offering, including classes from vinyasa to yin, that challenge, nurture, and suit each yogi’s lifestyle.

Bala Barre

Bala Yoga is excited to offer curated barre movement classes now at the Fremont studio.

Designed to compliment your yoga practice, each class is forty five minutes of dance technique combined with a fusion of pilates, physical therapy, & wellness practices.

  • Forty five minutes to focus on you.
  • Forty five minutes to lengthen, tone and sculpt.
  • Forty five minutes to reshape your soul.
  • No mirrors, no heat, just great music.

Come dance it out.



It takes a village to run dynamic, community-focused yoga studios and we spent a great deal of time building the perfect leadership team to ensure Bala Yoga thrives and flourishes. Who are we, and what do we bring to the table?

Michael Baiocchi

Founder & Yoga Instructor

Michael Baiocchi
Meet Me

Gabriela Baiocchi

Studio Director & Yoga Instructor

Gabriela Baiocchi

Molly Simpson

Bala Yoga Manager

Molly Simpson