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Meet the Bala Yoga Team: Carina Terra

December 16 2013

Carina came to yoga after 11 years of studying dance. She studied yoga therapy at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, with professor Marcos Rojo Rodrigues, a disciple of Swami Kuvalayananda, the great pioneer of yoga therapy and the scientific study of yoga. Carina has studied with such instructors as Ana Forrest, Shiva Rea, Baron Baptiste, Tias Little, Amba & Don Stapleton, Ph.D. from the Nosara Yoga Institute, JinSung, Shari Friedrichsen, Rod Stryker, Sarah Powers, and Troy Lucero. She is the first graduate of the 8 Limbs Yoga Centers 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program.

0042D_Crescent Lunge with Eagle Arms (backbend) (Right Leg)

Bala Yoga is excited to have Carina leading our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training this coming January! Training will begin on January 23rd and will empower participants to enrich their lives with a deeper understanding of Power Vinyasa Yoga. Whether a beginner student of yoga or a lifelong one, all levels are welcome to enroll. Bala Yoga’s training transforms lives by inspiring personal awareness, expanding spiritual growth, and promoting tangible physical growth. For more information on the Bala Yoga Teacher Training, please click here.

Read on for a brief interview with Carina and get to know our Director of Programming!

How/when did you begin practicing yoga?

I started to practice yoga with my dad in Brazil when I was 13 years old. I then studied yoga therapy while I was in college. But it wasn’t until I moved to the US in my late 20’s that I fell in love with the Vinyasa style, and began to practice yoga more consistently. I haven’t stopped ever since!

What is your favorite part of teaching?

My favorite part of teaching is empowering students to find their own inner teacher.

What is your favorite pose?

It is very hard to pick a single pose as my favorite. That changes depending on the day and the mood I’m in. I do have a favorite sequence though: I love how moon salutations (Chandra Namaskara) make me feel grounded, centered, fluid, open, and at peace.

What one piece of advice would you offer to new/aspiring yogis?

Anyone can practice yoga. Don’t give up the practice because it’s challenging, or you think you’re not good at it — there is no such thing as not being good at yoga. Yoga is not about being able to bend into a pretzel or mastering poses. It is not about being flexible or strong either. It is about meeting yourself where you are in the moment, and doing the best that you can. There is no perfect pose, so you don’t need to try to keep up with anyone else in the room. You do what is right for you in the moment, and stay open to the possibilities. What the poses look like is irrelevant; what’s important is what they feel like. As long as you experience the benefits, the practice is working for you. Be patient, and practice with self-love and compassion…You will be amazed at the results!

What one piece of advice would you offer to yogis considering Teacher Training?

Teacher training is not just for those who wish to teach yoga. It is also for people who want to delve deeper into their practice. Participating in a yoga teacher training is an exciting journey of growth and self-discovery. It is the beginning of a beautiful metamorphosis — the transformation into a yoga teacher or a more conscientious practitioner, or both. A good teacher training gives you space to nurture and embrace your own yogic evolution, allowing you to find your own voice, and to blossom as a yogi and as a teacher.

Carina Terra  Carina Terra  Carina Terra  Child's Pose Assist 1

To see Carina’s teaching schedule, please check out our class schedule. For more information on the January 23rd Yoga Teacher Training being led by Carina, please visit our web site, get in touch with us here, or stop by to chat with us. We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon!

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